In my kit bag (Hoya ND 1000)

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tower bridge

The Hoya ND1000 is my favourite filter to use. My entire style of photography has developed through experimenting with long exposures. Have you ever wondered how the water looks like silk on waterfalls ? or why the sea looks so peaceful ? 9/10 its due to a long exposure. An ND filter limits the amount of light picked up by … Read More

(In my kit bag) Tokina 16-28 F2.8

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My first photos of 2016. A calm and clear night in Bradford UK

The Tokina 16-28 is a great piece of kit and is often my go to lens when I am after a sharp crisp image. The 2.8 is great for astro and lowlight photography. I have owned the lens for over a year now and it is built like a tank. I’ve used the lens in all sorts of conditions and … Read More

Vanguard Veo-AM264-R Test Drive

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This evening I took my new Vanguard Veo monopod for a test drive to see how it handles in the field. My first impressions of the monopod was that it was really light and easy to handle but the build quality was still fantastic. As a photographer who has always used a tripod this was a great opportunity to test … Read More

(in my kit bag) Hoya ND100

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A shot of the Overflow Plug at Lady Bower Reservoir in Derbyshire.

The Hoya ND100 is my second favourite ND filter in my bag. I’ll be honest and say I don’t use this one quite as often as I prefer to really extend the exposures (using the ND1000)to create a more ethereal effect with my shots. Again like the ND1000 there is very little colourcast with this product and to say it … Read More

Gear I love to use. (Part 1)

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Kenko Tokina make some some amazing photography equipment such as lenses and filters. I am lucky enough to use some of these great products everytime I shoot.   I own the following Kenko Tokina products: Hoya ND1000 Hoya ND100 Tokina 16-28 (full frame) Tokina 14-20 (Crop Sensor)   HOYA FILTERS These are used pretty much every time I am out … Read More

Vanguard Pro Team

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I am over the moon to be part of the Vanguard Professional team. Vanguard are a company based on the south coast of England and they make superb photography accessories. Many photographs spend a lot of money on their camera and lenses but its just important to have quality cases, bags and tripods to complete the experience.   Here is … Read More


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YORKSHIRE IN PHOTOGRAPHS by David Zdanowicz.   Im very excited to say that my book is now available for pre order. Ever since I purchased my first camera in July 2013 I have been hooked on photographing the amazing Yorkshire Landscape. My love for landscape photography has really helped me see what an amazing county I live in, some of … Read More

Lake District

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It was an absolute pleasure to experience my first trip to the Lake District. It definitely lived up to the hype. I probably didn’t pick the best time of year to visit (in the middle of winter) but it was still awe inspiring. It rained for 90% of my visit but managed to get a few gaps in the cloud … Read More


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Todays trip out took myself and my Dad to Scarborough on the East Coast. It was a magnificent sunrise and the colours bouncing off the water covered sand was amazing.   There was another couple of photographers on the beach which really added to the scene.   Man and his best friend.   I was really shocked to see some … Read More


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Whitby Piers at Dawn

Todays destination is Whitby In North Yorkshire. This is one of my favourite places in the UK. Its a quaint little seaside spot ¬†with loads of hidden gems. I’ve always ventured to the Abbey side when taking photographs here so this time I thought I’d head over to the other side near the famous whalebones and beach huts. It did … Read More